About National Biz Credit & Our Programs

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Financial credibility has the power to position a company towards greater growth and a stronger competitive advantage within their industry. Not many businesses fully understand the impact that credit can have on their operations. Building business credit is an involved and timely process because it is completely at the vendors discretion whether they report credit data, who they report to, and how often they report. Many vendors do not report payment information at all and some only report if the account becomes delinquent. In order to build up a strong reputation, businesses need to make sure that the vendors they purchase from are reporting their responsible payment patterns. We are here to help companies get a firm grip on their credit and work with vendors who will help them in building up the scores and indexes that creditors will look at. Credit scores, profiles, and indexes can take 3 to 6 months to establish.

NationalBizCredit.com was created with a mission – to de-tangle the world of business credit reporting and help businesses of all sizes understand how and be given the tools to build and manage their reports. 

Our step-by-step “Business Credit Building Starter Kit” is geared toward startups and young businesses to use as a blueprint in building their companies credibility, it is a low-cost solution to put your company on the road to creditworthiness.

We also offer two more advanced programs that give owners access to “Secondary Vendors” who do not automatically report to credit, this offers owners a wider variety of vendors to purchase their products from.

Our most advanced “Concierge Program” is an all-inclusive custom approach that wraps all our credit services into one, it’s geared toward businesses who already have business credit profiles that may be reporting negative or incorrect information – we will work towards removing and/or changing the negative, help re-build the profiles with positive information, and monitor each report daily making corrections to maintain the best scores and indexes consistently.

The owners of NationalBizCredit have 30+ years of experience in the credit services industry, with our knowledge and experience we have developed strategic programs catered to each client and the needs of their business and industry.

About Business Credit Scores & Reporting

Banks, lessors, investors, vendors, partners and creditors will review business credit profiles before choosing to engage in business – by taking the initiative and building up your company credit upon the start of operations, you’re streamlining the approval process and creating a way to separate your personal and business credit for more options in your financial future. There are so many factors that can impact business credit reports, by working with NationialBizCredit.com you’ll walk away with stronger credit and added knowledge on the world of business credit reporting & scoring.